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Aprilaire offers a variety of whole home air purifiers for your home. We can help you determine which one best suits you and your home. Our favorites include the Aprilaire 5000 electronic air cleaner and the Aprilaire 2410 media air cleaner.


UV lamps, when placed inside the duct, sterilize and kill most contaminants as they pass the lamp.  Will help reduce airborne germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi.  When placed over the AC coil the UV lamp can help eliminate mold growth on the coil.


Aprilaire whole home humidifiers, installed as part of your heating system, will adjust to outdoor temperatures to provide optimum moisture levels throughout your whole home. Humidifiers can be easily added on to any forced air heating system. Our favorite is the Aprilaire 400 water-saving bypass humidifier featuring minimal water usage, drain free, no standing water!


A perfect solution for whole home dehumidification, damp, dusty basements, crawlspaces and sealed attics.


Ever since we started building tighter energy-efficient homes, the level of indoor air pollutants has steadily increased. Why? Contaminated air which once escaped through cracks around windows and doors is now trapped inside with you and your family. Discover how you can keep your family safe at home with ventilation solutions from Fantech.


We specialize in ductwork installations, repairs and modifications. We can improve the efficiency of your forced air system by sealing leaks and insulating the ducts in your attic and unconditioned spaces. This will improve your system's overall performance along with your comfort and indoor air quality.


You can improve your comfort by having your home divided into several comfort zones based on how much each room is used and the number of available supply and return vents. Each zone, which can be one room or an entire section of your home, has its own thermostat and a series of dampers installed in the ductwork. Each thermostat is set at a fixed temperature, which either opens or closes the damper to allow airflow in to heat or cool the zone. If you are not using the zoned areas, you can keep the settings to a minimum, conserving energy and saving money!


Most thermostats in older homes are insufficient to provide comfort and energy savings. We recommend installing a programmable thermostat if you don't already have one. Be sure to program your thermostat to reduce the temperature when you're away and when you're asleep. If used as directed, programmable thermostats can help cut heating and cooling costs by as much as 33%.


"Smart" thermostats have the ability to send and receive digital data over the phone line, cable or wireless router. For example, if you're away from home, you can use a smart phone to change the temperature setting in your house. A smart thermostat can also send you a short email or text alert about any drastic temperature change and possible equipment failure! Some units even let you know when it's time to change filters and schedule maintenance. Now that's smart!

Replacement Filters

Furnace filters and humidifier water panels should be changed at the beginning of each heating season and checked periodically!  A dirty filter will block the air flow and make your system work harder to deliver air to the registers.


We stock the full line of Aprilaire replacement air filters and humidifier water panels.  Call today!

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Aprilaire whole home humidifier

"This was a very positive experience. Designing/detailing the HRV installation was quick with email and the installation was on time.  The follow up on the warranty was appreciated.  Good quality work and friendly technicians."


Tom, HRV installation

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